Sunday, October 18, 2009

10/09 Cards for Lily

We made these cards for a special little girl who is really sick. We hope they brighten her day just a little. The pumpkin card my 9 year old daughter made. I think it turned out really cute! She used an extra pumpkin cut I had from a previous layout and she chose the card color & the border punches on her own - then she used orange glitter glue on the pumpkins.. but they turned out green - still cute! The next picture with the bear is my 6 year old son's card & he drew a flower above the bear for her - how sweet! The top card is the one I made. When my daughter saw it she wanted to know how I ever tied a bow like that!! LOL!

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  1. I'm having problems getting my card to post in the right size. I will update asap.