Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kids likely have H1N1

Cassie and Derek came down with symptoms on Saturday - headache, fevers about 101. Sunday same temps except Derek also got cough & congestion. Monday same temps except now Cassie added cough and congestion as well. Cassie had a horrible night sleep last night, she kept waking up because of the congestion. Her temp went up to 102.1 this morning & her heartrate was way up. I took her to the E.R. They did a chest XRay & she does have fluid on her lungs but not enough to warrant antibiotics at this time. Derek seems a little better today - less cough, temp down to 99.4. Derek had 8 of 18 Kindergarteners out in his class yesterday, Cassie's 4th grade classes were averaging about 6 out. The ER Dr told me they expect this to peak sometime in November!! YUCK!!!

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