Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good-bye Cinnamon, you will be in my heart forever

I know this is not craft related, so please accept my apologies if you are here looking for that today. I had to put our dog, Cinnamon down today, she would have been 15 in January. My heart is broken. I need to journal here a few things about her that I don't want to ever forget. What I will miss about her:
- her nose snuggled in my tummy when she is happy to see me
- greeting me at the door every time until she stopped hearing us come home, but even then, as soon as she saw us she was so excited
- carrying a shoe, slipper, etc around when we got home. We originally let her do this as it kept her from jumping up as a puppy.. she always did this, never hurt the shoe!
- looking up into Derek's loft bed in the morning trying to find him
- following me around every time I left the room
- the pitter patter of doggy feet on hard wood floors
- playing with her rope
-laying her head on my lap
- romping in the snow
- smelling the fresh air outside
- unconditional love for me
- dressing her up at Halloween (guess we won't get to use that costume) :(
- just seeing her lay on her bed
- my companion during the day as I work at home
- snuggling up at night
- just looking at her made me smile
- the softness of the fur around her neck
-the feel of her ears
- the smell of her after her bath of oatmeal smelling dog shampoo
- her wet nose
- her beautiful brown eyes
- her perky ears
- her tail wagging high with the white tip
- playing catch with the tennis ball when she was younger
- playing frisbee
-teaching her to sit, stay, come, etc - 2 training classes!
- treats after she went outside
- love, love, love!
- her brown faux leather doggy bed fluffed up on one side with her head on it
-- or her laying half off of her bed
--watching me walk by to see if I am leaving the room
--called her 'puppy' up until the day she died
-also know as 'fu-fu', Cinny, Mama's Girl, Puppy Dog, Fur Ball (all bring a smile to my face, Woofy, Cinn-a-Minny (coined by vet tech Jenny)
- asked her to say hi to my daddy in heaven and let him know I love and miss him, too.
- tail wagging for a treat
- how she would 'talk' to me -- arr rar rar
- greeting me when I come home, always excited to see me
- coming to me when she didn't feel good
- putting on her gentle leader collar for walks
- laying in my scraproom (usually in the way!)
- born January 2006, we adopted her from the Humane Society in March 2006
- wouldn't hurt a fly or even the injured bird in our back yard
- never hurt anyone, never got mad if you took her food away or treats, etc
- always behaved well at the vet & getting her nails trimmed
- all the neighborhood kids loved her, too
- one ear up & one ear tabbed down
- all things peanut butter - loved it! we put it on any pills & she would gulp it down. She would drool at it on a spoon. When she was younger she recognized the sound of the lid opening & would come running.. as she got older she would have to see it.
- nudging my bed with her wet nose at night and whining for me to put her up once she could no longer jump up
- the sound of her drinking out of her dish in my bedroom at night
-she hated the rain and hated walking in the wet grass to go to the bathroom
- walking down one side of the steps so she could run down the other side (did this until the end)
- snatching bread, pizza, burgers.. anything we left alone on the counter & gobble it quickly before we could take it away
- nice slender healthy build even though we always left her food out all day
- laying with her legs spread out behind her like a cat
- nudging my leg when I was at my desk chair
- Derek coming to find her every morning to give her love, and making sure to pet & hug her before he went to bed
- staying by my side in bed as I recovered from surgery both times, anytime I was sick really
- pushing into us head first with her body when we sat on the floor or if we were lucky in bed at night so we could pet her & rub her hind quarters
-the sound of her nose pushing on the closed wood door, she didn't like me in a room with a closed door if she wasn't in there
- moving around wherever she was resting so that she could always see me..just in case I left the room
- laying on the floor of my scraproom
- hiding when she knew we were leaving & she had to go in her indoor kennel - usually in Cassie or Derek's room, or downstairs
- tieing her up to the basketball hoop pole when I was outside
- fall allergies - itchy feet, surgical cone so she didn't hurt herself, predisone tabs if needed
- Canine I/D special diet dog food for her sensitive stomache for at least 5 years
- Derek said he didn't want another pet cuz letting go is so hard
- Shaker can - 10 ish pennies in a pop can, sealed at the top with duck tape. If she was doing something naughty we would shake the can & she would stop instantly (until her hearing go less in the last couple of years)
- her bark collar.. rarely used ..only when she got jealous if her people were playing rough housing without her, or her mom stepped out of her reach
- looking for the match to my other shoe. She used to drag one around when we got home, never know where you might find it.
-who would have ever thought I might miss seeing those tuffs of dog hair around?
- we kept a sheet on top of our comforter so Cinny could sleep on the bed & we had a washable cover.

Well.. that is all my tired heart & brain can think of now. I am sure I will add more later.


  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. We went through the same thing almost 3 years ago when we had to put down our best friend of 14 years. What a wonderful tribute you've given Cinnamon, but listing all the things you loved about her. I guarantee she's in doggy heaven tonight making the same kind of list about you! {{{HUGS}}}


  2. I just reread my post (which I should have done before I hit "post" and I realized that I typed the word "but" instead of "by". That line should have said... What a wonderful tribute you've given Cinnamon, BY listing all the things that you loved about her. Sorry about the mess up.

  3. Thank you so much Melissa! 4 a.m. & I can't sleep. It is great to see some words of encouragement. My son says now he knows why I don't want any more pets. He was with her until the end. I don't think he really wanted to let her go, but he understood that she seemed to be in pain and didn't want that either. Doing the right thing stinks (for lack of a more appropriate word).

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. When you are ready, take time to scrapbook and document all the funny and cute things about her just as you did on your blog post. I did this when my Springer Spaniel Maggie passed away. I didnt want to forget anything about her. She was the cutest, snuggliest, best dog ever and I too called her puppy until her death at 16. Hugs to you and your family!

  5. OH Stacy!! I am so sorry that you had to go through this. I can only imagine the pain you and your family are feeling right now.

  6. Been there too and it is tough. It would have been our old girls Birthday yesterday and hubby sent me flowers because he knows I still miss her so much - we had to say goodbye Easter 2009. I love how you have listed so many things!

  7. {{{{ Hugs }}}} for you. I'm sorry to hear about Cinnamon. Our fur companions just don't live long enough. I love your list.